The Bertelsmann Transformation Index (BTI) is a global ranking that analyzes and evaluates development and transformation processes in 116 countries. The Bertelsmann Transformation Index provides the international public and political actors with a comprehensive view of the status of democracy and a market economy as well as the quality of political management in each of these countries.


The goal of a consolidated market-based democracy constitutes the BTI’s normative framework. The BTI analyzes the status of both democratization and market liberalization as it evaluates actors’ performance in managing these changes. The quantitative data collected for the Bertelsmann Transformation Index 2003 is outlined in two parallel indices: the Status Index and the Management Index...

Country Reports

 The factors of assessment used in evaluating each country can be found in the country reports. These reports evaluate a country’s political and economic performance as well as the quality of its political management according to a detailed set of criteria...

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